Lifeguard for a Day with 91X’s Hilary

Hilary spent the day with the San Diego lifeguards Sgt. Rick, Dan & Allie and discovered what goes in to their day to day duties. From driving around the beach in their Toyota trucks to constantly surveying the beach from high above on their perch, we are so thankful for our lifeguards here!

Seven Seas Food Festival at Sea World San Diego

91X Danielle takes us on a tour of the Seven Seas Food Festival, going on now at Sea World San Diego. The festival takes place on select dates through April 15. More info HERE!

Zach & Danielle at the San Diego Legion Launch!

Zach and Danielle attended the launch party for the new professional rubgy team, the San Diego Legion! The season starts on April 29th at Torero Stadium!

Danielle Playing in the San Diego Sockers Celebrity Game

For the second year in a row, Danielle had the amazing opportunity to play in the San Diego Sockers celebrity half-time game!! Watch as she prepares, plays and reminiscences about the game. And make sure to check out the 14 time champions fight in the upcoming playoffs. Go Sockers!

Zach & Danielle In the Pit at Monster Jam

Before Monster Jam, Zach and Danielle from 91X Mornings, went to Petco Park to talk to Ricky about changing a tire on the massive Megalodon! Can he beat his all-time record? Is the tire like an Ikea dresser? Find out here!

Friday the 13th Tattoos with Danielle

Danielle went to Allegory Tattoo in San Diego to get her customary Friday the 13th tattoo.

Danielle Visits SR76 Beerworks

To prepare for the upcoming Hop Heads and Dreads Festival at Harrah’s SoCal, Danielle checked out the new brewery on grounds called SR76! It’s rad!